Why You Should Avail of Travel and Tours Packages in the Philippines

December 20, 2021 | busybee_devteam

Traveling is one thing many people can’t live without. For this reason, people, regardless of demographic, have dreams of traveling to a certain location or country. Whether that place is a local tourist destination or an international one, finding a way to do it in the best way possible is on every would-be traveler’s mind. You might be craving a travel and tour experience in the Philippines, but without a package tour, you might not have the most ideal experience. The word ‘ideal’ in this sense could mean many things, but generally speaking, going on an ideal vacation or any other form of leisurely excursion would entail a cost-effective, hassle-free experience. One way of achieving that is by availing a package tour or a travel package offered by a given travel agency. If you don’t know how a travel agency in Manila can make your traveling endeavors better, then continue reading.

Fixed Price Means Easier Budgeting

When it comes to traveling, your budget dictates what you can and can’t do, while limiting the countries and locations you can visit. Usually, when a person plans for a trip whether it’s domestic or international, budget is the first constraint that needs to be taken into consideration. This is even more important for would-be travelers who want to travel on a tight budget i.e. backpackers and domestic travelers. That is because there are many important inclusions that can satisfy your travel and tour needs. The Philippines and travel packages that many travel agencies offer are a great example of this. Take a look at Jeron Travel and Tours’ exclusive Oslob whale shark adventure and Tumalog fall tour, for instance. This package includes a private round-trip transfer from Mactan airport or your accommodation in Mandaue or Cebu City to the designated destination. The package also includes fuel, a driver, a set lunch with a round of drinks, and a local tour of the activity area. You also wouldn’t have to worry about entrance fees for the whale shark park and Tumalog falls as that is also covered by the package fee. The fee itself is Php 5,520 pesos for 1 person and gets smaller with each person that is included in your party —  with a maximum of 5 people paying about Php 2,060 per person. If you try to organize the same trip on your own without using a travel package, you would come to find out that you’ll be spending more maybe even double than that of what you’d pay for the aforementioned package. When going on an excursion that involves travel and tour in the Philippines, using a travel package is crucial in having the most cost-effective experience possible.

Preparation and Planning is Relatively Hassle-free

In connection to the previous reason, when you arrange a travel and tour excursion in the Philippines, a travel package will make it all the more hassle-free. This applies to the planning of your itinerary and its accompanying logistical issues. Try to imagine all the things you have to think about for you to have an optimal or otherwise successful trip. You have to first think about your transport and the time it takes to arrive at your destination. You then have to consider what your accommodation will be and how many days you have to spend to have a meaningful experience. Then, you think about the actual tourist attractions and sights you are going to visit. Factor in the food and drink necessities of the whole trip, then you have yourself a headache — a migraine if you have a big party of voyagers. A travel and tour package will solve all of these worries. The whole business concept of a travel agency revolves around doing the planning for you. That being said, agencies are aware of the premier destinations and attractions in a given location such as the Philippines. They also make it a point to be knowledgeable in terms of food spots, hidden attractions, historical sights, and other fun things to do for a vacation. Agencies are also aware of accommodation options that give you the best bang for your buck. Consider their service as a remedy to your planning-related headaches.

First-Time Travelers Are Well Taken Care Of

Planning a trip is an even tougher task if you are a first-time traveler. Seasoned vacationers may already have enough experience to undertake a task that involves travel and tour in the Philippines. A travel package can be a convenient way of easing the nerves that come with traveling for the first time. Not only do travel agencies make give you the best bang for your buck and do the planning for you but they are also accommodating to those that avail their services. You can even consider travel agencies an extension of the hospitality industry because of how their respective services focus on the client. After all, if businesses don’t do a good job of accommodating various kinds of people then no one would patronize their businesses. As a testament to that kind of service, Jeron Travel and Tours make it a point to provide English-speaking tour coordinators and facilitators, whether it’s in the Philippines or an international location. In some cases, would-be clients can even negotiate for a tour coordinator that speaks in their native tongue. Whatever the case may be, expect the travel agency to make provisions for your needs.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

A general result and culmination of all the previous reasons why you should use travel and tour packages is that it will ultimately give you peace of mind. Travel packages are often defined and set in stone once availed. Itineraries are also enforced by the travel agency themselves beyond the actual service providers that you signed up for — whether it’s the accommodation or the attraction you’re going to be visiting. Once you have already paid for your travel and tour package, you can be reassured that your travel plans will come to fruition. Doing all the planning on your own can subject you to external factors that may or may not affect your plans. For example, it can be possible that you don’t do enough research on where you’re going. On top of that, you may not have been informed that the place you are going to be visiting is in peak season. Peak season often means peak prices as well, especially when it comes to lodging and general services in a given tourist spot. If you didn’t bring enough funds, then you might spread yourself too thin in terms of resources — a recipe for an unfulfilling vacation. Avoid that kind of situation and give yourself peace of mind by availing of travel and tour packages that prepare and guide you through all the possible situations you could be facing once you embark on your journey. Aside from that, travel agencies often partner up with insured organizations, which further adds a level of security on your part.

Travel Packages Are Available for Many Different Locations

Arguably the best part of traveling is that there are countless places in the world to visit. Sure, you may want a travel and tour experience in the Philippines and an appropriate package to go with it, but with so many locations within the country itself, availability can be somewhat of a problem. Aside from that, just knowing which country, region or city to visit may not be enough for you to achieve something worthwhile. When it comes to securing your most ideal travel and tours package in the Philippines, you also have to be knowledgeable on where the specific attractions and sights are as well. The good news is that travel agencies such as Jeron Travel and Tours have travel packages for most, if not all, of the major tourist spots and vacation destinations not only in the Philippines but also across the world.

Avail the Best Philippine Travel Packages and More with Jeron Travel and Tours

Now that you understand why you should see what the world has to offer with the help of a travel package, what better way for you to do it than with Jeron Travel and Tours! Founded in Manila, Philippines in 1993, we are now a multi-awarded brand, both locally and internationally, serving from individual travelers to top companies across the globe. We offer some of the best package tours across many countries — not only the Philippines. Thanks to our dedication to excellent and personalized services, a cost-effective, professional, and unique experience is guaranteed. But don’t take it from us, click here to read some real testimonies by many of our clients. If you are in need of a travel agency in the Philippines and are interested in availing of our services whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, click here to check our packages. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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