Why You Should Acquire a Taiwan Tour Package in the Philippines with Jeron Travel and Tours

December 20, 2021 | busybee_devteam

Taiwan is a small country with an incredible amount of spectacular sights to offer, which you can easily experience with a Taiwan tour package in the Philippines. It is home to exotic street food, remarkable places to sightsee, affordable retail items, and more. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your family or friends, obtaining a Taiwan tour package in the Philippines will provide you with great perks you never thought of. You will also be provided with a number of Taiwan travel package options. From family tours to lodging in a premium hotel in Taipei, your local and reliable travel agency will definitely make your vacation one for the books!

Benefits of Using a Travel Agency to Get Your Visa

A great benefit that comes with obtaining a Taiwan tour package in the Philippines from a professional travel agency is the visa assistance services. Traveling out of the country requires many documents and involves tedious planning. Despite preparing earlier on, people often forget many things. One of the most important parts of the process is to secure a visa. With that, here are some reasons why acquiring your visa through a travel agency is easier compared to directly applying at an embassy.

Travel Agencies Have Your Records Tracked

Renowned travel agencies have had years and years of experience that increases your chances of having a successful visa application. Consulates and embassies grant visas depending on the credibility of the travel agency. You must take note that it is necessary to seek services from a reputable travel agency for a guaranteed visa application approval. Your chosen agency will also remind you to renew your passport before the expiration date to avoid any complications in the future.

Travel Agencies Help Save Your Time

For those who have tried to apply directly to an embassy, consulate, or any visa service center, you might have experienced going back and forth due to missing documents. Travel agencies prevent you from wasting your precious time waiting for your visa to be approved and issued. With the agency’s extended services, strong work connections, and contact with entities, it is certain that you will get ahold of your visa in time.

Travel Agencies Provide Unique Services

Aside from ensuring that your visa is approved, travel agencies also provide personalized attention to each client. You are guaranteed to experience outstanding and unparalleled customer service. In addition to that, agencies will prepare flight plans complete with destination details for a hassle-free trip. Choose to explore more of the unique services that a travel agency in the Philippines can give you.

Benefits of Having a Tour Guide

By availing of a Taiwan tour package in the Philippines, you will receive outstanding services that include the perks of having an English-speaking tour guide with you.

They Have Local Knowledge

Credible tour guides are able to provide up-to-date information based on facts. They have the knowledge to answer all of your questions regarding the history, culture, and tradition of a site. More often than not, reputable tour guides are members of a professional guiding association or employed by a travel and tour agency.

They Secure Your Safety

If you are skeptical about visiting a location because it is uncharted territory for you, having a local tour guide will definitely make you feel safer. These tour guides or interpreters can trek, climb, and go on adventures with you. They are familiar with the terrain, the weather conditions, as well as the dangers to avoid. Finally, tour guides are trained in first aid for mild injuries.

They Can Deal with Issues of Bureaucracy

Traveling to a foreign country with no knowledge of how the local government system works could turn your vacation into a disaster. Tour guides will be able to help you deal with issues of bureaucracy and bridge the gap caused by language barriers. This is one of the main benefits of having an English-speaking guide. These tour guides are also familiar with the local system and how it operates.

Things You Will Love About Taiwan

Taiwan is among the smallest countries in Asia with a land area of 35,980 square kilometers. Despite this fact, it is home to remarkable destinations, sightseeing spots, as well as great food and local culture. Experience Taiwan and everything the country has to offer with a travel agency that provides a generous and well-accommodated Taiwan tour package in the Philippines. Still not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why you will fall in love with Taiwan.

Local Food and People

Walking around Taiwan is described to be the same as walking into a kitchen. Modest food stalls sprawl across every corner of the city. You will find everything from steamed dumplings to rice tamales. Some of the must-try dishes are Taiwan’s famous oyster omelet and the intriguing yet outrageously delicious stinky tofu. For an endless gastronomic spin, visit the coastal city of Tainan or head out to Taiwan’s largest night markets. Aside from the great food, Taiwan is also home to both cheerful and helpful citizens. No matter your nationality, the local Taiwanese people will try their best to accommodate your questions. Feel free to ask for directions or any tips on the best food stalls in town as they will surely show you the way. Taiwanese citizens believe that happiness is not just a concept, but a way of life.

Night Market

While fun activities are done during the day in Taiwan, their night markets are the place to be after the sun has set. Taiwanese streets and cities are the brightest because of the vast number of street vendors selling assorted food and retail items. The night market is where plenty of oyster omelets are served with mild sweet and sour tomato sauce. Foreign travelers say that their Taiwanese experience is not complete without visiting the night market. The beginning of the night markets in Taiwan started during the Tang Dynasty, when street vendors would gather around urban street corners and plazas to sell goods. One of the best night markets in Taiwan is located in Taipei. It is called the Raohe Night Market and is where most of the markets are located.

Temples and Museums

Taiwanese people are quite religious. The temples located around the island are a clear indicator of their pious nature. The Longshan and Bao’an temples are some of the most famous temples in the country. The Longshan Temple is considered a top religious site for those who are looking to explore the vibrant folk faith and its unique temple architecture. On the other hand, the Bao’an Temple is quite literally a showcase of Taipei’s traditional performance arts. The Taiwanese temples are crowded with those searching for answers from new religions. For those more interested in literature and the arts, you can explore the country’s museums. The National Palace Museum and National Human Rights Museum are the most visited centers in the country. The only difference between the two is the history presented to the audience. The National Palace Museum houses traditional paintings, calligraphy, and everything that deals with the arts and literature. Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Museum deals with a darker backstory. It was a former detention center, court, and jail where political prisoners were incarcerated and tried during the White Terror period.

Mysterious Islands

Taiwan is made of 166 islands, half of which are claimed to be mysterious. Located on the east coast of Dongju Island is a bay called the Mysterious Little Bay. It is a hidden beach filled with wave-cut gullies. The place has become a natural haven for many years because of the enclosure created by the high sea cliffs that tower on each side. Taroko Gorge is another famous canyon on the island of Hualien in the eastern part of Taiwan. As you traverse the green riverbanks that stretch all the way to 1000-meter high vertical cliffs, you will encounter several aboriginal settlements, temples, and museums. It is also a great location for those who are looking to hike.

Unique Hotels

Taiwan is not only popular because of its great food, breathtaking temples, and museums, but also for its quirky hotels. One of the most interesting hotels in Taiwan is the Leefoo Resort Hotel. The hotel is enclosed in a mini-zoo with giraffes, zebras, rhinos and a troop of lemurs. Previous guests have shared that the lemurs are the friendliest animals in the hotel. They jump on people’s shoulders and hop from one balcony to the other. The hotel is indeed a great place to stay for families traveling with children. For those who are looking forward to booking a trip to Sun Moon Lake, the Full House Resort Hotel is a well-suited place to stay. The interior decoration of the resort hotel comprises of pyramids and statues. It is like staying in a museum filled with artwork except you have extremely plush and comfortable bedspreads.

Book Your Taiwan Tour Package In The Philippines With Jeron Travel and Tours!

Explore everything that Taiwan has to offer with a Taiwan tour package in the Philippines. Enjoy a memorable vacation for your next out of the country trip with the help of trusted travel agencies such as Jeron Travel and Tours. Choose to seek visa assistance services from a reputable travel agency in Manila for a quick approval and issuance of travel visas to Taiwan. Click here to learn more about Taiwan tour packages or here to book your next out of the country trip with Jeron Travel and Tours!

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