December 18, 2021 | busybee_devteam

I often say that if I were a hotel brand, I would want to be the W where whimsical, fun, innovation, intimacy, drama and funky are always synonymous to each other.From choice W Hotels, we shift our focus to W Taipei where we discovered how this innovative brand constantly seeks ways to delight and surprise as it conceptualizes out-of-the-box ideas ? the room, the palate, and perhaps even the planet. If you are there to work, you will find yourself infused with a sense of play; if you are there to play, you will find that your work life renewed and stimulated. A recent trip to W Taipei with my niece Nikki Boncan-Buensalido and her husband Jason Buensalido, both multi-talented architects who place a premium on design savvy and contemporary creativity, proved that the W truly epitomizes their eclectic and innovative personalities. Unique design narratives, fusion of quirky pluralism and functional style, and spaces that playfully come to life are just some descriptions that capture Nikki and Jason’s experience at the W Taipei. W Hotels Worldwide is an industry innovator that brings a jolt of electrified design to Taipei. Spending a few days in this luxurious urban paradise merits their conviction that the heart of this booming and vibrant Taiwanese capital with the veneer of 21st-century sophistication is the W Taipei. From here, one ought to explore all the scintillating secrets the city has to offer ? awe-inspiring architecture, world-renowned museums, innovative restaurants, the undisputed king of night markets, hottest nightspots and the very affordable shopping whether local or imported goods in malls or stalls. Visit Ms. Dayrit’s article for full details. CLICK HERE. For more information on W Taipei, log on to www.wtaipei.com. Eva Air flies daily to Taipei. For reservation please call 864-3800. For tours, please contact Jeron Travel at 854-1813 or visit www.jerontravel.com.

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