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I’ve only been to Taiwan twice before, but this time I decided to revist this country with my daughter, Noelle for our mom-daughter trip!
No major itinerary planned- but I did google a few spots to check out. I’ll share them with you in a bit! But first things first… I had no idea what hotel to book- so my friend Chal Del Rosario of Jeron Travel strongly suggested we stay at Amba Taipei Songshan because of it’s location (right smack in the middle of everything- a mall and walking distance to Rahoe night market-m) plus the amenities. I’m so glad we did!!! Because literally it was one of the best hotels I stayed in- value for money- the view, the service, the FOOD!
They had the BEST freshly baked bread too.. and it was free everyday! Haha
And since photos are so much part of travel- the room, and the lobby in itself was a good location already! Every spot was picture perfect! (To those that might be interested, for budgeting purposes allot about a minium of $150 USD per night). A trip to Taipei would not be complete without seeing the famous 101! Buy a ticket to reach the top…
but really, this is all you’ll get to see… The first photo we took, was taken a few blocks away to get the best view of the tower if that’s what you prefer. But Taipei 101 is also a great mall to visit if you’re looking for some designer shops like Gucci, Chanel, etc. In Taiwan, you can really just get lost and eventually find yourself in an interesting spot! We even stopped at this cute little cafe for some fresh watermelon slush…
Couldn’t help it and ended up taking a bunch of photos while waiting! Of course at this time, we already had met with our Sweet Escape photographer, Mike Chen! If you’ve followed and read my past travel posts- Sweet Escape literally is the best thing while traveling so you don’t have to worry about asking strangers to take your photo … or having to rely on tripods! How it works is… just download and book from the app- choose a country and date of  “shoot” you’re set! Generally it’ll cost $200 up for 2 hours. The secret is— bring a lot of outfits to change into, so you have lots of material! Haha Who would’ve thought this was all in 2 hours? A large duffel bag and outfits arranged for a smooth session! Haha. Noelle knows exactly what to do. She picks out her own spots and calls dibs!
This was all taken in a place called Huashan Cultural Park. It’s an old run down tobacco factory and now, an art park with the cutest things! Go in the afternoon.
Another place to visit is Xi Men Ding  (Ximen station stop). It’s a hip area with an entire street of tattoo and piercing shops. A good spot to shop local. Try the famous Ay-Chung Rice Noodles there. Super cheap and good! Perfect for cold weather. Another MUST visit is Eslite Mall by Songshan Cultural park. There is an amazing DIY floor with all the cutest DIY shops! Our favorite! Glass blowing, leather bag making, lamp making and so much more. I posted them on my IG stories highlights: Taiwan. Eslite also has a 24 hour bookstore above. Also find the best bread in the world (a real actual bread winner- Wu Pao CHEN, is on the ground floor). We spent a total of 4 days in Taipei,… but there’s really so much more to see! Perhaps next time.. I still had a bunch of places on my list I wanted to visit but too little time. Will share them anyway so incase you’re planning a trip you can include it on your list! PINGXI: this is where you make a wish by flying a lantern on one of the oldest railway stations! There are cute old mini post offices where you can mail post cards too! Like the good old days. CHIUFEN Village: This is apparently where anime was inspired from. It’s supposedly where you find good food and cute little items to shop for along tiny streets. BEITU: hot springs and a beautiful scenery. Google it! For all these places you might need to book and arrange before your trip. Also, you may want to consider taking China Airlines for your flight there. They have pretty good rates too! It was actually Noelle’s first time to fly Business- she’s always wanted to experience it! So since she finished 8th grade well, plus it was her birthday I decided to treat her! We usually travel coach, especially when I’m with the kids because it’s just so expensive! Haha different though when I travel alone or on long haul flights! Here’s us enjoying the Business lounge with a full belly of siomai, noodles, fruits and fresh juice. Hahaha! Here’s to more fun and travels with you!!! xx

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