SHOP & EAT IN TAIWAN by Aryanna Epperson

December 1, 2021 | busybee_devteam

It was my first time traveling to Taiwan. I learned that the country is commonly known by the name “Taiwan” but officially it is actually called the Republic of China. This should not be confused with the People’s Republic of China. The Taiwanese are friendly and they have a beautiful island with majestic mountains and ancient forests. There are also tons of recreational farms that locals and tourists visit to escape the city.When in Taiwan, there are two things you must take advantage of: shopping and eating. With a unique collection of products to find and a wide selection of yummy and fresh food. INDUUULLGEEE! S H O P :
Visting the Shilin Night Market is a must.  The streets are lined with food stalls, street vendors, places to buy phone cases, cheap but super kawaii clothes and legit Nike and Adidas stores (which you should totally check out because shoes are anywhere from 20-50% off compared to most places)
Found these cute sweaters that cost only PHP 200 each! They came in gray, pink, white, and black with cute, stitched designs of Totoro, Stich, watermelons, and other kawaii prints. And at PHP 200 each, I bought 2 ahhh what a steal!
The Shilin Night Market is also a place to find really cool and unique accessories, phone cases, and trinkets that you can’t find anywhere else! Spot those tdf unicorn and anime eyes earrings ughhh.
Here is an obligatory mirror selfie with these cute DIY kitty ears (that I ended up buying because why not?) ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Read more of this blog at Arynna Epperson is MTV VJ • Blogger • YouTuber • Cat girl She blogs and vlogs about fashion, beauty, travel, food, and art.

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