SHILIN MARKET: #1 Shopping Attraction in Taiwan! (Part 1/2)

December 1, 2021 | busybee_devteam

  SHILIN MARKET is the premier night market in Taiwan for bargain goods, clothes, accessories and yummy street food. It’s our favorite night market and one of the reasons why we fell in love with Taiwan. Here’s a photo essay on what to expect in Taiwan’s #1 Shopping Attraction…
The best way to go there is via Taiwan’s light rail system. Arrive at JIANTAN Station (one station before SHILIN) via the red line.
One-way fare would range from NT$20 to NT$40.
The light rail system is very efficient and clean.
The stations have clean restrooms that feature an ‘available cubicle’ lighting system similar to what we see in parking lots. (TIP: Use the restrooms here because we don’t recommend Shilin Market’s public toilets.)
sensor, which you can deposit back when you exit. After a few minutes’ walk from the station, you’ll arrive at Shilin Market. SHILIN NIGHT MARKET
This is the newly renovated Shilin Market. It has a high ceiling that protects tourists and shoppers even when it rains.
Here’s an interesting game of catching shrimps…
You use a small rod and hook to catch as many shrimps as you can.
This is the new tourist area of Shilin Market–a long row of fixed stalls that open every night.
You can play Mahjong…
Shoot for some money…
Play home-made arcade games…
Buy toys for the kids…
Or have your fortune told.
If you take a taxi, you can ask to be dropped off at the original main entrance of the Shilin Market.
I like this area better because it has more character. Plus, it’s pleasant walking along the old shopping streets of Taiwan.
You can purchase cheap and fashionable clothes.
You can also buy shoes and accessories.
Don’t forget to visit the Sassy Store for some original items to add to your wardrobe.
Rache bought a lot of unique skirts here…
As you go around the Shilin Market area, you can have a N$100-massage that makes use…
of bamboo sticks.
The place is also full of weirdly named stores like this Museum of Alien Studies…
massage using knives!
For NT$100 for 10 minutes or NT$220 for 20 minutes, the masseurs use knife-chopping motions to massage your head.
But the best part of Shilin Market is the Xiao Tze (Small Eats) Food Trip where you sample the best of Taiwan street food. To be continued…

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