International Destinations to Book Once Travel Reopens!

October 19, 2021 | busybee_devteam

Hey Travel Buddies! Here are some destinations that are doing good with their COVID response – book these once travel reopens

  1. Taiwan – Since the start of the pandemic up until now, Taiwan is one of the nations with the BEST COVID response as they are able to effectively control and contain the virus with very few deaths recorded. Currently, Taiwan is in the works of partially reopening international travel in the country but will require foreign travelers to present covid vaccination record and negative rt pcr result as one of its main requirements to entry. SO, Book your Taiwan trip with Jeron Travel #bestinTaiwan!
  2. New Zealand – Also one of the countries who are able to effectively control covid transmission, NZ remains strictly closed to almost all travelers (with some exceptions for citizens and diplomats) to protect the country from covid19. However, who knows – NZ might open its borders real soon so be ready with your covid vaccination record!
  3. USA – There was a time when US was doing poorly in the pandemic but after the vaccination rollout, it has been recording a RECORD number of vaccinations per day. As of date, 167 million doses have already been administered in the US (and counting!). At this record vaccine rollout phase, USA might be able to return to normalcy very soon.

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