Jessica Zafra shares her experience in Taiwan with Eva Air and Jeron Travel.

“Why had I never been to Taiwan before this? I don’t remember anymore, but I intend to make up for the error by visiting more often.

Our tour group arrived in the capital Taipei just after 3p.m. on Wednesday. Clearing passport control and retrieving our luggage took 25 minutes  I love an efficient airport.

Forty minutes later we were at the wholesale clothing market, where I made the first of many pleasant discoveries…

The shopping is spectacular. The Wufenpu shopping district is like a clean, organized, air-conditioned Divisoria or Baclaran. There is a mind-boggling assortment of shirts, pants and dresses going for 100 New Taiwan Dollars each  lower if you bother to haggle. Your peso goes a long way: the exchange rate is Php1.50:1 TWD. The Taipei shopping veterans in the group noted that the styles in this market will hit Manila streets after six months.”

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