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Dollar for a Carabao

October 29, 2017 | growers

Hey Travel Buddies! We would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in our “Dollar for a Carabao Project” to be able to help the Yangil Village in Zambales.

J-Grab (short for Jeron Grab) their now ever reliable Carabao who is part of their fleet! He is responsible for transporting the children, the sick, and even pregnant women to and from the city and will help them with their agriculture!

We are so fortunate that our partners @MADTravel_PH & @thecirclehostel, have a very significant goal to restore the sustainability of the forest and culture of the tribe, and we are all for that as well. We plan to help some more through another project and we would appreciate all the support you can offer!

If you want to see J-Grab in person, we can arrange your trip to the village and experience life through a simple immersion and discover how else you can contribute!

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