Sim 2 Fly – 8 Days Unlimited Data

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Sim 2 Fly – 8 Days Unlimited Data


Description: 8 Days Unlimited Data, 4gb LTE/4G Data + Unlimited 3G Data, Triple Cut Sim, Hotspot Sharing Supported, Data Services only, No Calls, No Sms, Works with any 4G/LTE OPENLINE PHONE, No Registration Required. Plug & Play.

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Insert Sim to an OPENLINE 4G/LTE PHONE
Turn ON Mobile / Cellular Data
Turn ON Data Roaming Your Data is now Activated & Count as Day

Please Refer to the User Guide for More Details.

Your mobile/cellular network should be set to LTE/4G
For Dual Sim Phone, Put Travel Sim in SIM SLOT 1 & Empty Sim Slot 2 .
For iPhone user, if you cannot use internet while abroad, please check the settings on your phone by going to SETTINGS > GENERAL > PROFILE. If you see an unsual profile remove it.
If you encounter NO SERVICE after Inserting the Sim, you Need to Manually Choose Network Selection.
If data still does not work after manually setting the APN, please do a hard reset or reboot your phone.


In some handsets, the APN Settings may not set automatically and may require manual configuration. Follow the steps below:


Go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Click ADD > Input details below:

Name: Internet

APN: Internet

Authentication Type: CHAP or PAP

For other fields, leave it blank / default

Press back/save. Select the new APN setting you created.

Turn ON Mobile Data AND Data Roaming


Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network > Input Details Below:

Name: Internet

APN: Internet

For other fields, leave it blank / default

Turn ON Cellular Data AND Data Roaming

What is the Difference between 4G/LTE Data speed and the 3G on 128kbps / 256kbps data speed?

The 4G/LTE data speed gives you the max speed data available in your area which allows you to easily send and receive messages, photos and even videos. While 3G on 128kbps/256kbps speed gives you slow data connection but will still allow you to easily send and receive messages but will be very slow when sending and receiving photos and the like. Data sharing is not available once on low speed.

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