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Description: 4gb LTE/4G Data + Unlimited 3G Data, Triple Cut Sim, Hotspot Sharing Supported, Data Services only, No Calls, No Sms, Works with any 4G/LTE OPENLINE PHONE, No Registration Required. Plug & Play.

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Terms and Condition:

STEP 1: Request and order for your device. Give number of activation days and fill up our confirmation sheet.

STEP 2: Make a payment via online transfer to our BPI account 0371-0067-45 (Jeron Travel & Tours) Send us proof copy of payment via Viber/FB/IG @jerontravel.

STEP 3: Once we receive and verify the payment, will deliver the device on your area. Note delivery charge on pax account.

STEP 4: The device must return within 2 days after the end of activation. Note any damage on the device are subject to Php2,000 penalty

How to Use

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– Maximize your data and be aware of the Fair Use Policy: 4G skyroam can be used at LTE speeds up to 1GB. Once the data usage has been reached, speed will throttle down to 3G speeds
– Turn off your background apps to lessen data usage
– 24/7 technical support: email at [email protected] or visit support.skyroam.com thru the websites 24/7 live chat.

1. visit support.skyroam.com and open chat feature
2. Provide required details with serial number of device and destination
3. Provide issue to assigned support officer e.g. no connection, signal issue
4. Our support team shall assist and provide the best solution for your query

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