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Travel Dates: April 2, 2024 - April 30, 2024



Half Day Yehliu Geopark and Keelung Harbor Tour

Yehliu Geopark and Keelung Harbor • 4 hours • Time: 8:00AM- 12:00PM

Chung Cheng Park- Keelung Maritime Plaza (Keelung Harbor View)- Guihou Fishing Village- Yehliu Geopark, Queen’s Head

Terms and Conditions

  • Rates are subject to change depending on the availability and without prior notice.
  • Booking must be made 3 weeks prior on the preferred date.
  • Cancellation fees may apply.
  • Any refund request is subject to a JERON TRAVEL refund service fee.


1. What is TIY?

TIY is a unique and fun tour that comes with a multi-sensory kit. You are guided by an audio experience together with a GPS map  as you tour around your city of choice.


2. How do I book for my TIY trip and for how long do I get an access for it?

You may head to our site www.jerontravel.com to book the trip online. Once you have chosen your preferred date ( at least 3 days after your booking date ) and paid for it, you will be contacted by our team to coordinate for the delivery of your TIY kit, which you get to experience and use during your TIY tour. A code and site link will be given so you can access the auditory guide and GPS map for 24hrs based on your booked tour date. 

3. I booked and paid for my TIY package but I need to change tour dates. What should I do? 

For as long as the access code was not used yet and you are able to inform us at least 48 hours prior to your booked trip, just contact us so we may assist you.


4. What can I expect in TIY?

You can definitely expect to have fun and learn a few interesting things about the city of your choice. The auditory guide and map was created to allow you to have a memorable adventure as you tour. The TIY kit is designed to accompany you in your trip with contents of treats and some other surprises. Expect to be able to go around the city of your choice, see and learn about iconic spots and landmarks, and have a memorable time with your travel buddy!


5. Is TIY safe to experience?

TIY requires you to follow current city and IATF mandates and traffic rules to keep safe at all times. Similar to listening to a radio while driving, you will have an auditory experience to guide you throughout the tour. You will need to have a designated licensed driver and another travel buddy with you, who will be assigned to help you navigate. Make sure to keep your seatbelts fastened and to keep your senses peeled at all times! 


6. How much is TIY and what do we get?

TIY tour is P2,800 per booking and it includes a TIY kit with items and treats good for 2. You will also receive a code to our website/ app to be able to access the experiential auditory guide and GPS tour map.


7. For how many people is a booking of TIY?

We highly recommend for you to be a minimum and maximum of 2 people doing the tour. TIY requires for you to have a travel buddy who will help you use the GPS map and navigate through the tour. The TIY Kit has been designed with contents good for 2 people. Should you have additional pax in mind to join, we recommend that they purchase their own TIY package for them to be able to enjoy the kit as well.


8. Is TIY for those with cars only?

TIY has been designed to tour and roam an area in the comforts and safety of your vehicle. Although some might opt to use it while walking or biking, the distances and routes we provided may not be fully safe and suitable for this. 


9. What are things I should remember and look out for when using TIY?

The auditory experience automatically plays within the radius of your approached tour spot. You may also manually play, replay, pause, or stop the guided tour. It is best to be acquainted with the routes too prior to starting the tour.  It is possible for certain routes to not be accessible due road blocks, construction, or any unforseen events. Should this happen, feel free to just proceed to the next tour spot using a GPS map. The tour is activated with internet connection, that could be disrupted too at times. We recommend putting other app notifications on silent/ sleep/ off mode while doing the tour. 


10. Do I need internet connection during the TIY tour?

 Please make sure that your device is connected to the internet at all times. The auditory experience automatically plays within the radius of your approached tour spot and it is dependent on the provided GPS map. 


11. I want to customize and do a TIY private tour. How can I do this?

TIY may be modified and customized for brands, companies, groups, and other events. This product and platform can provide and create other unique experiences (e.g. treasure hunt, adventure race, personality-based audio experience, etc.). Contact us for more details!


12. I have more questions which was not answered here. How can I reach you? 

We got you! Just send us a message at @jerontravel on IG or FB. You may also email us at info@jerontravel.com or give us a call within business hours (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm) at +63 906 678 8105 and 88541813,

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