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1D Mount Maculot Package

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Round Trip Van Transfer

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Travel Dates: June 29 - 29, 2020

1D Mount Maculot Package


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0400H Meet up at Shell McKinley Road, Makati

An early start to avoid traffic and to assure you make it to Mt. Maculot on time. The drive will take approx 2.5-3 hours. You will have one stop for a breakfast / coffee break (on pax own account).

0700H Cuenca, Batangas

Upon arrival, the coordinator will take charge of registration. It is important to arrive early to avoid the rush of trekkers and to avoid the searing heat of a late morning sun.

0730H ETA Jump off point and start trek

At the jump off point there are toilets and bathrooms and small stores to purchase any last minute items. The bathrooms can be used after the trek for a quick bath and change (fees are on pax own account and vary from the amount of water buckets you consume). The proprietor also serves the province’s specialty of Lomi at a very reasonable price to help re-energize after the trek.

1000H ETA Rockies

The difficulty rating for the climb is at Minor, 3/9 (Rockies) At the beginning, it is a leisurely hike with terrific scenic views. As we get to the middle of our trek the incline starts to become a little steeper but there are many vendors and rest spots along the way for those who are not seasoned hikers. In addition, there are rope banisters at certain points to help you pull your way up for those who are not sure-footed. At a plateau, which is just a few meters away from the Rockies, there is a picnic area where you can eat your packed snacks and a “store” jokingly called 7-11 where you can buy food and refreshments.

1030H ETA Summit (Optional)

If we are not pressed for time, a visit to the summit is a wonderful experience. The difficulty rating is slightly higher than to the Rockies (Minor, Difficulty 4/9 Summit)due to slightly higher incline. With a steady pace, any hiker experienced or, will arrive at the summit in no time at all due to its proximity from 7-11. The view is just as breathtaking but the photo opportunities are not as rich as in the Rockies but at least you can have the bragging rights to reach the summit at nine hundred thirty meters above sea level.

1045H Start Descent

After a little bit of rehydration and rest, we will proceed back to the jump off point by a different trail for variety. But, if conditions are not ideal we will proceed back through the trail we came from

1200H Return to jump off point

Once back at jump off point, people can use the bathrooms to bathe and change. As was mentioned earlier, fees depend on the amount of water buckets you use. Refreshments and food are also available not to mention some T-shirts and souvenirs. I strongly suggest getting a small bowl of Lomi, a simple and delicious thick soup with meat and vegetables to re-energize.

1300H Arrival at Tagaytay for Lunch

It is important to leave Cuenca, Batangas early due to the unpredictable nature of Philippine traffic. Once we arrive in Tagaytay, there are a lot of eating places to choose from. One must sample of course the famous Bulalo (beef shank stew) that the area is known for.

1530H Depart for Manila

All good things must come to an end. The earlier we leave the less chances we have to deal with Manila traffic on the way home

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