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3 Reasons Why You Need To Visit DUBAI This Year 2021!

A few years back, utopian universes made up of new technologies were just a concept we see in kid’s shows or teenage movies. The image and feel of a futuristic setting were vivid and clear despite the innovations projected to take over the world in the far future.

However, with the unprecedented global pandemic, we are approaching the high-tech era faster than we all imagined.  Solutions to real-life problems are going digital; data access and transfer can be virtual; and services offered across industries are starting to migrate in online internet platforms. And to really address more real-world challenges,  more technologies are foreseen to come to life in the near future.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is showcasing these technologies – creative solutions that significantly made a change to different societies across the world. Gathering important stakeholders and industry players, the expo offers funding, support, and exposure to global innovators to inspire them to do more in helping shape a better future for their respective countries.

The event is open to anyone who’s interested in developing innovative concepts. And for travelers who wish to be taken to a utopian realm in the flesh, here are three reasons why you need to book your next flight to Dubai to experience the expo:

1. It’ll happen in an Immersive and sustainable venue! There will be 192 Pavilions to represent and welcome each country. Guests can treat themselves to dishes from every corner of the world, while unleashing their inner techie selves in the venues! Each pavilion also has sustainable features that are guaranteed safe and environment-friendly.

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2. It’s the perfect opportunity to build network!

With the presence of important stakeholders representing different esteemed organizations, guests are sure to bump into some of the think tanks and VIPs  who will be present! Building networks with them could be beneficial in spearheading future projects, and the Dubai Expo got everything to get started!

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3. It has the cutting-edge innovations you’ll probably be seeing for the first time!

No more daydreaming about a utopian setting when the Dubai Expo 2020 will better than your fantasies! Witnessing the 2D concept for real could be a dream come true, but more than this, experiencing how great minds work together will be worth every mile traveled and every penny spent to fly to the expo.

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So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us  @jerontravel on FB/IG for inquiries and bookings. Tap here to book your package –> https://bit.ly/DubaiExpo5StarHotel

Source: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/

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Jeronniversary Take Off Travel Sale!

It’s time to take off! ✈

Join us this Nov. 27 (fri) 5-6pm and for a fun forum with our special panelists as we discuss development on local travel 🏝 What’s the news on staycation? What’s open? What are the future plans and promotions?
Be informed on our “New Normal” hospitality practices, protocols, & updates! Everyone is welcome aboard as we #experiencelfiethroughtravel again❤



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“World of Dumpling Workshop” with Chef Jen Gerodias – Slagle

Ni Hao  Travel Buddies!

Soft, pillowy, & steamed! Crispy, chewy, and fried! 🥟  LET’S MAKE DIY WORLD DUMPLINGS (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Pinoy)! Meet us in your kitchen with Chef Jen Gerodias Slagle 👩‍🍳 at September 26 as we celebrate the National Dumplings Day! Learn delicious recipes and let’s create Pro-Dumplings at home 👍🏻 This package comes with a cooking kit with ingredients and live teaching class ❤️

Chef Jen graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and worked at Michelin star restaurants in Paris and San Francisco. She was also a culinary instructor in Sur La Table in San Francisco and has written several cooking courses for their culinary program. Chef Jen specializes in recipe development, systems, costing, production and sourcing. She is a co-founder of Launch Lab Consulting, creating numerous new restaurant concepts across the Philippines. She has helped open over 40 restaurants of different cuisines throughout her career.

Let me know if you’re interested to join us or message @jerontravel on FB or IG 👍

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