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    10 Beach Tips From One Beach Bum To Another


    Summertime in the Philippines tantamount to one thing.. BEACH TRIP!!! Living in a country comprised of 7107 islands, there is a wide array of beach destinations to choose from. But before packing your bag and getting your toes wet, here are a few of my personal beach tips, tricks and photos. 

    (Photo: Two Seasons beach front, Coron, Palawan)

    Tip1: Pack light. Most hotels offer beach towels, scratch that off your check list. Towels are bulky and just take up too much weight and space. If you’re flying, avoid having to check-in your bag. A 15lbs (7kg) carry-on is more than enough to haul your swimsuit and beach attire. Keep in mind that only 3oz liquid containers are permitted on board.


    Tip2: One item that might come in handy is a spray bottle filled with white vinegar for that painful and annoying jellyfish sting.


    Tip3: Protect your skin from UV radiation by applying a thick layer of sunscreen. If you’re aiming for the Golden (God)dess look, tan before 10am or after 3pm.  For extremists, wear a rash guard.  This will not only protect your skin from sun exposure but from coral scrapes and bug bites as well.

    Read up: http://www.skincancer.org/prevention/sun-protection/sunscreen

    Tip4: Bring aqua shoes or amphibian shoes. Similar to slip on rubber shoes, amphibians are water resistant and keep your feet safe from sharp rocks. These are a hiker & explorers best friend. I got my pair at Columbia sportswear and I love it. 

    (Photo: Sitting underneath Tumalog Falls in Oslob with my amphibians) 

    Use waterproof housing for your cell phone and camera. Salt water will mess up any kind of electronics. Place them in a waterproof bag. Do not use cloth or woven bags because water seeps right through. An inexpensive way to secure your items is to wrap them in a zip lock.

    (Photo: Lying on the sand with my Jelly bag from www.shiqbags.com only P950)





    Tip6: Keep yourself hydrated and take a water bottle with you everywhere. Sip on fresh shakes and munch on tropical fruits. Think twice about that glass of alcohol. Alcohol+Sun is not the best combination. Save that for night time play.

    (Photo: Toes in the sand & a drink in my hand. Sipping mango shake in Coron)



    Tip7: Read a book or magazine. Stay away from work material. The beach is a place to free your mind of worries. Have a massage overlooking the water. You are on VACATION – vacate your thoughts of anything that could trigger stress. 

    (Photo: Massage bed, Sumilon Island, Cebu)

    Tip 8: Bring portable speakers! There is nothing better than listening to your favorite tunes on a bangka (boat) ride or while lazing around.



    Tip9: Minimize expenses on lodging. Choose a room with basic accommodation that serves its purpose for sleeping and showering. In the summer time, air conditioning is a must. Spend your time outdoors and bask in Mother Nature’s masterpiece!


    Tip10: Make friends with locals. They will help you bargain for better deals, inform you of good affordable restaurants, and might just save you from a sticky situation.

    On the beach, every hour is a happy hour. Time is but a number on a circular contraption. Slow down. Unwind. 


    Coron, Palawan







    Nikki Recto || World Trotter. Stamp Collector. Scuba Diver. Ocean Ranger. Sunset Chaser. Adventure Bug. Foodie. Dog Lover. Part time Realist. Full time Dreamer. Half Cynic. Half Romantic. Pure Filipino.